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This structure is located where León and Paquishapa/Naranjo river systems join to form the Jubones River. Made of rough field stone, some of the walls were up to 1.5 meters high. Surface sherds were sparse and mainly found on slopes outside the structure. Most were plain small fragments. A few were black, had black lines or had white-on-red decoration, and some had a streaky polishing of the painted surface. It should be noted that there are several interesting sites (e.g. J1, J4, L, and Ll) with considerable material remains on the surface (including abundant sherds and evidence of small structures) just across the river to the west (e.g. just above the irrigated fields showing in the right photograph).


Santa Rosa/La Unión structure
This figure is an idealized outline of the
structure as determined by pacing and compass.

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