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The group Rumiñahui is made up of young Saraguro Indians who began their musical activities in the late 1980s in order to promote and extend the knowledge and appreciation of Latin American music.

The word Rumiñahui is derived from two Quichua words, rumi which means stone, and ñahui meaning face. Together the words form the name (Rumiñahui) of the last of the indigenous heroes of the Inca empire to fight the Spanish invaders. The group chose this name in order to celebrate the bravery of this great leader.

Rumiñahui has performed in festivals and concerts both nationally and internationally. It is one of the first groups to raise high the name of Saraguro through its music.

We dedicate this work to our parents who transmitted to us the musical heritage expressed through Andean melodies, "the pride of our millenial culture."(Click here for QUICHUA version)

Rumiñahui performed in various grade schools, high schools and universities, and at events such as festivals and fairs, in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa during the summers of 1995 and 1996.
Currently they are performing at various events in Washington D. C. and in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

For contacts in the United States, call Segundo González (715)-684-2506 en Baldwin, Wisconsin.
Para contactos en Ecuador llame a Marco González 011-593-7-450156 o 011-593-9-940897 en Cuenca.

Rumiñahui on the Lake Superior shore


(Comments translated from Spanish)
      Lauro González Medina      Greetings to all the people who visit this web page. My desire is to reach all the corners of the earth with the language of music that unites us, and by this means to construct a better world that is full of harmony. I play the quena, zampoña, antara and bandolina. Escríbeme a

      Marco González Medina      Hello! I am the vocalist of the group; I play the violin, quena and zampoña. I dedicate my music to all our fans and to those who live convinced that the energy of life is music. Escríbeme a

      Luis González Medina      The best way to express the experiences of life is through music. I play the guitar, charango y bandolina. I like to fish and to hike. I am a dentist. Escríbeme a

      Anibal González Minga      I play the electric bass and the drum. The wind of the Andes makes music, and it unites us with the people through this universal language.

      Fausto González Quizhpe      I like to play wind instruments such as quenas, antaras and zampoñas, y the drum. My favorite pastimes are sports such soccer, ecuaboly (Ecuadorian style volleyball) and basketball. With love for my friends from all the world through my music. Escríbeme a

      Angel Cartuche Guaillas      How are you friends! My favorite instruments are the charango, the rondador and the guitar. I enjoy soccer and ecuaboly (Ecuadorian style volleyball) as well as fishing.

      Maximo Sarango Sarango      
I like to walk with my imagination, to discover the marvel that is nature, and to interpret it through my songs.
Escríbeme a  (Note: Maximo makes the wind instruments used by the group.)

INSTRUMENTS USED BY THE GROUP (click on the name of an instrument in order to see a picture of it): antara, bandolin, bandolina, bombo, chacchas, charango, guitarra, palla, quenas, rondadores, sikus, vaina, violin, zampoña.
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